Detailing Hoenn's New Mega Trio

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With E3 coming to a close, I figured now is the best time to talk about Pokemon. It has been announced what boosts each of the Hoenn starters will receive after their Mega Evolution. As someone that has done a little competitive battling in their day, I figured I would detail how exactly this effects both in game play and competitive play.

Mega Sceptile
Sceptile is a Pokemon we here at TPC felt like should of been half Dragon type all along. Now that Mega Sceptile receives this as its sub type, what does that exactly mean for battles? Well, for starters it now means it is 4X weak to Ice type moves, which could be a bitch in a half in the later parts of the game. However, with its new ability Lightning Rod, Electric type moves not only do zero damage, but it actually helps Sceptile. The Pokemon will now get a Special Attack boost every time an Electric type move is used, as the ability literally makes Mega Sceptile a huge lightning rod. This will not only make Mega Sceptile a major player in competitive single player battles, but Double Battles will now be a pain if you have an Electric type Pokemon on your team, as Mega Sceptile will make it almost useless. Overall, I feel like this makes Mega Sceptile a bit overpowered, but it does have its flaws if you know how to expose them.

Mega Blaziken
Most of us already now how ruthless Mega Blaziken can be, due to its odd inclusion in Pokemon X/Y. This Pokemon not only receives an Attack boost, but due to its ability Speed Boost, it gets a speed boost every turn. Blaziken was already one of the best starting Pokemon in the game, add in boosted Attack and Speed and its game over. Several competitive battlers use Mega Blaziken and hot damn is it effective.

Mega Swampert

I decided way before the Mega Evolution announcements that I was going to roll with Mudkip through this game. Mudkip was my first starter in the original Pokemon Ruby, but that is a story for another day. Mega Swampert also receives an Attack boost, and has the ability Swift Swim. This ability causes the Pokemon's Speed to double as long as it is raining on the field of battle. This will make Swampert a huge hassle to handle now. I mean can you imagine a fast ass Swampert getting to strike first with STAB Waterfall or a STAB Earthquake. I can only fathom the damage this thing will cause.

That's it for me today. I just felt that I should highlight some of the damage these powerhouses will be able to deal out now, as if their previous forms were not already super powerful. Keep TPC open for all upcoming Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire news and remember...


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