Mega 10: Top Ten Mega Man Games!

  This is my top ten Mega Man games from over the years! Everything from Classics to Legends to X! So without further ado, lets get this countdown started!

#10 Mega Man 8 (Sega Saturn/PS1/Collection)
Why is Mega Man 8 on here? It's as simple as it gets. The game is a classic. With its interesting character quirks, such as Grenade Man’s pyromaniac attitude, the game really stands out with a personality of its own. The graphics were top of the line for the time and really helped the stages stand out in full 32bit glory. ...And then you have the voice acting... Alright, just going to be honest. The Voice Acting is terrible. BUT for me, it’s so bad its good. Especially Dr. Light’s ‘Dr. Wah-wee’.

#9 Mega Man X (SNES/X Collection)
Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of the X series. The story of X is interesting, but overall it feels like a stretch in plot. This game specifically set the bar high, because of the new system and new mechanics such as the Dash and inclines that carry momentum. Overall, sticking to the core gameplay X can do the same things as the classic Mega Man could. One of the main mechanics of the game if finding Dr. Light capsules which are essentially upgrades to the normal gear. Although the game isn't my favorite in the series, the same old rockin' music that the series is fond of and the updated graphics make this a game that I enjoy playing in my free time.

#8 Mega Man Legends 2 (PS1)
Although Legends never sold well in the first place, the concept of the game became something I truly love. Legends 2 really opened up the world to me. Literally. By adding a world map the game allowed you to explore the different islands in a full 3D environment. The music fits each islands motif really well and really helps to enhance the experience. The story definitely opened up aswell, taking where the first game ended and incorporated everything together. The one thing that kills me about this game is the controls. The controls make you feel like you're driving a tank The lock-on helps to change directions a little bit, but not to make it playable for a long period of time.

#7 Mega Man Zero 4 (GBA/Zero Collection)
Zero is another series I’m not very fond of, but the 4th installment was still a great game to end off the series. Zero 4 finally ties up loose ends with everything, and all it took was a mobile transfer unit and command center to do it. The game added a new weapon called the ‘Zero Knuckle’ allowing you to kill and steal minor enemies weapons and use them for his own use. Music was decent in the game, not too over the top, which is unfortunate(Hell, he isn't called Rockman for nothing). They also added a weather system, and different weather effects different levels, which could both help or hinder depending on the stage. The easy mode that was added also helped to put this game in the top 10.

#6 Mega Man 6 (NES/Collection)
Mega Man 6 was the last 8-bit title during the time. Since the Super Nintendo was coming out soon, they had to end with a bang. Time for a battle royal! Mr. X gets 8 of the strongest robots to do battle! Then Mr. X tries to take over the world!...Who would've thought... Anyways, each stage was really well designed. From the American west in Tomahawk Man’s stage, to Knight Man’s castle, each level was diverse and interesting. The music was awesome as well and was beautifully fitting for each of the themes for each robot master’s design. Plus adding the rush adapters (power and jet) shook up the old and boring rush jet, and added a new charge and way of attacking, even helping to unlock secrets!

#5 Mega Man X Command Mission (GC/PS2)
Suprised? I said at number 9 that X wasn’t my favorite series, and yet this is on my Top 5? This game is unique to the other X games. How is it unique, Alberto? Because its a freakin’ Turn-based RPG. Command Mission takes place about 100 or so years after the original X games with new technology called ‘Force Metal’ being used and experimented with. You fight random encounters in the field along with a party system of up to 3. You have special abilities called Action Triggers, that you can use with action commands to make the attack stronger. With the Sweet music adding to sweet battle system, this deserves to be in the top 5.

#4 Mega Man 4 (NES/Collection)
Mega Man 4 was cool because it was weird. This game had random Robot Masters that really felt like they didn’t have anything to do with each other. They’re built by Dr.Cossack instead of Dr. Wily. The reason that this game is higher is because of the open thoughts about the robot masters, the theories behind the way the robots were built, because it already lives up to the hype from the previous Mega Man games.

#3 Mega Man Star Force 3 Black Ace/Red Joker (DS)
Overall the Star Force series got bad reviews because of the battle system for being similar to the Battle Network battle system. While it's true the system is very similar, But I believe it's because Star Force is a sequel to the Battle Network games. Anyways. In Star Force 3, they finally mastered the WiFi system, allowing to fight people online and form brother bands with people online, instead of just local connection. Adding the Noise change, much being like the style changes in the battle network, adds variety to each player to accommodate their play-style. The finalization noise of each version respectively, makes you feel powerful, especially since you have to get to 200% noise level to activate the final noise, which is difficult to achieve. The music is amazing, very catchy to even listen in the background. Highly recommend people to try the series out.

#2 Mega Man Battle Network 2
The first Mega Man Battle Network game was really vanilla, however, it’s sequel fixed everything wrong and improved it. adding the option to run and removing the auto-heal really made me love this game. These additions help to balance out the normal random encounters and adds sub-chips for healing, mystery data trap killers, etc. Making each area of the internet unique was also needed and looks great. You can tell what area you’re in, instead of pressing start to see where you are and trying to figure out if internet area 12 is part of the under-net. The great story line with Gospel makes this game a must play for both Mega Man fans, and RPG fans.

#1 Mega Man ZX Advent
The ZX series is the sequel to the Zero series. ZX did what zero couldn’t for me. The gameplay just felt better. Adding multiple forms of Mega Men (called Bio Metal, all from the Zero characters)and having each form have different weapons changes how the player attacks and explores the world. One thing that was really important to me was the story. While I didn’t feel like I knew the character in the original ZX, Advent changed that by adding the prologue which you play through and learn the back story of your character. The music was outstanding, I never really realized it until I re-listened to the tracks while writing this, each tune either pumps you up like it’s supposed to, or calms you down and make you think of the story and what you’re doing.

Honorable Mentions and  Final thoughts:
I was thinking about adding Mega Man 2 to this list. My two main reasons why I didn't are: A.) It's over-rated by the fans, and B.) because of the balance issues the metal blade has. Honestly I love the Mega Man franchise as a whole and I’m a bit sad all we got recently was Mega Man X Street Fighter, which, for one, was back in 2012 for the 25th anniversary for both franchises and, for two, weren’t even made by Capcom. It was a fan-made and Capcom just rode along with it. I truly hope maybe, just maybe Mega Man will make a full comeback. Smash Bros Hype!

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