The High Five #2 - WWE After School Special

In this week's edition of The High Five, I have decided to cover five recent matches in the WWE. Why you ask? Many people have just completed their Finals, and sometimes you can't watch everything you wanted to. So this After School Edition is meant to show you what you have missed in the last month in the WWE. Be warned, you'll want to check these matches out ASAP.

Hot damn at Zayn's counter
Sami Zayn vs Adrian Neville 5/20/14 - This is the Zayn/Neville dark match that surfaced online from the recent European tour. This was an awesome nine minute showcase for these two upcoming stars. The counter shown in the GIF may be one of my favorite counters this year. I personally enjoyed this just as much as the Generico/PAC match from PWG years ago.

Rating: ***3/4


Cesaro vs Sheamus 5/13/14 - You know in current WWE, if you put any of the Europeans together you are in for a treat. This match in particular stood out to me not only because of the hossy exchanges between these two, but also because it got a ton of time being on Main Event. These two have absolutely killed it this year, and I hope their paths cross at least one more time before the end of the year. 

Rating: ****


John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (Last Man Standing) 6/01/14 - This match was a ton of fun, and you know with fun not everyone will like it. Sure, this match had some crazy spots, especially once Harper/Rowan came out and The Uso's intercepted them. That Table Superplex was NASTY. The match did have a bit of a rough ending, but overall this was one of the funnest brawls/spotfest WWE has done in years.

Rating: ****

Dolph's crossbody is 10/10

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler 6/06/14 - This match was awesome. Ziggler has always been one of the most reliable guys on the roster in terms of bringing the best out of someone. Rollins really hasn't gotten the chance to shine in singles matches this year, but this match made the wait worth it. Ziggler/Rollins had some insane chemistry, and some of the counters and spots in this need to be seen, especially considering it was the opening match to Smackdown.

Rating: ***3/4


Dean Ambrose vs Bray Wyatt 6/13/14 - Holy shit this match. I had decent expectations going in, but man did it blow me away. Rather it be Wyatt's general fatboy offense or Ambrose's amazing selling of the shoulder, I know several people will love this match. The fact that this also had a story to it and you had a bit of gold. Any other year this is close to TV MOTY, but in an awesome in ring year for WWE it joins the ranks of about thirty others.

Rating: ****

That is it for this week's High Five. I really hope those reading don't thing my inclusions are too off the wall, but it has been a really good month for WWE, in ring wise. I hope their momentum continues throughout the summer and carries them through the rest of the year.

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