Pac-Man Joins The Battle!

Last night, during the first Nintendo Developer Discussion Roundtable, it was officially announced that Pac-Man would be joining the Super Smash Bros for 3DS/WiiU roster! Personally I am very excited about this, as you now have four of the most influential video game characters of all time in this game with Mega Man, Mario, Sonic and now Pac-Man.

Four of the most iconic characters ever
Tell me how awesome that looks? I am personally glad that Pac-Man doesn't look like his current version Namco is running with. I mean blue eyes for Pac-Man, SERIOUSLY? I like the 3D version of Pac-Man Nintendo has decided to go with in the long run.

I also wanted to point out with Nintendo using this original Pac-Man model both in this screenshot and in the trailer above, it practically confirm his Final Smash. How awesome will it be for Link and Mario to transform into Blue Ghosts and Pac-Man eats them in 2014? Incredibly awesome.

So happy!
Overall, I think all of us here at TPC are happy with the inclusion of Pac-Man. I can not wait to spend more money on an Amiibo for him and carry it around to destroy other people in Smash. Holiday 2014 needs to become an official date, but I guess I can wait until October 3rd. Follow us here all week for our E3 coverage and here the latest on Pac-Man in Super Smash Bros!

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